What is a Physiatrist with Dr. S. Plamondon

In this video, Dr. Plamondon describes the medical specialty of Physiatry, a physiatrist’s role in the care of persons with neuropathy, and when a referral to one should be considered.  She discusses how physiatrists work together with other specialists like physiotherapists, neurologists, and occupational therapists; and, shares information on physiatry resources in Southern Alberta.

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Please note: the Pedorthist Dr. Plamondon spoke of was Johan Steenwyk: https://pedorthic.ca/meet-a-pedorthist-johan-steenwyk/

About Dr. Stephanie Plamondon

Dr. Stephanie Plamondon, MD, FRCPC is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Calgary, member of Hotchkiss Brain Institute and Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research and Education. Dr. Plamondon trained in Human Kinetics at the University of Windsor in Ontario, completing her MD and PM&R residency at McMaster University. She is a former program director for the PM&R Residency Training program, PMR Quality Improvement lead, and member of the Cumming School of Medicine Health Humanities Committee at the University of Calgary. She has also led the Calgary zone certified Music therapy inpatient program for the last 5 years, and obtained certification in Patient Safety and Quality management, creating and currently co-chairing the Division Patient Safety and Quality Council. Her area of clinical practice is Adult Neuromuscular Rehabilitation.

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