Reduce sugar in all forms to lower the inflammation in your body that is contributing to nerve pain.

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More sugar equates to more pain
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In this video, Aimee Anderson, Certified Health and Life Coach, explains the damaging effects (including inflammation) of a high-sugar diet to your health, and discusses steps you can take to eliminate sugar from your diet.

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Aimee Anderson
Aimee Anderson, Certified Health and Life Coach
Personal Trainer and Licensed Sports Nutritionist
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About Aimee

Aimee Anderson, Certified Health and Life Coach, was a celebrity baker on TLC’s Next Great Baker Season 4 prior to attending the Kick Sugar Summit in 2017, which changed her life. Aimee’s desire to get sugar-free had been brewing for years and finally took hold after participating in Barry Friedman’s 30 Days Sugar Free Challenge, followed by Florence’s  7 Weeks to Sugar Freedom Group Coaching Program. Aimee has been completely sugar- and flour-free for almost 5 years, and is 50 pounds lighter. This achievement inspired her to close her baking business and become a Certified Health and Life Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and Licensed Sports Nutritionist. She is now working on becoming a licensed Food Addiction Counselor. Aimee served as Head Coach of 30 Days Sugar Free from 2018-2019 and is now working with the Kick Sugar Summit team and Florence Christophers.  She is an avid faster and eats low carb. Aimee likes to joke that she has gone from being a sugar dealer to a sugar healer. She declares herself to be SFFL — Sugar Free For Life. Aimee lives in San Diego, California, USA, with her husband and two adult children.

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Reduce sugar to lower pain

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