Research Studies and Clinical Trials

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We all want more research into Peripheral Neuropathy! Right??  

We hope all of us take the opportunity to help in some small way.  Often the studies are simple, like filling in a survey or being interviewed by a researcher on a specific topic.  It doesn’t usually take long, and sometimes there is a bonus in it for participants.  If provided the chance, please pitch in by taking an active part in research. 

Lived Experience with Charcot Marie Tooth (anywhere)

Living with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) can present unique challenges and experiences for individuals. CMT is a genetic disorder that affects the peripheral nerves, leading to muscle weakness, loss of sensation, and difficulty with coordination and balance.

Research Study Databases

There are thousands of research studies going on around the world. Below are some of the databases to help you find research studies of interest to you. You do not need to restrict yourself to neuropathy when searching. If you have an underlying condition, such as CMT or Diabetes, include that in your search criteria in the database.


Diabetic Neuropathy Cream for growth of Nerves

Sponsored by Winsantor, The University of Alberta and other research institutes are conducting a randomized outpatient, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multiple-site study of the safety, tolerability, and exploratory efficacy of topically administered WST-057 (4% pirenzepine free base monohydrate) for 24 weeks in subjects with T2DM with peripheral neuropathy. Inclusion criteria include: diagnosis of T2DM; age rage 18-75 years, and presence of definite diabetic neuropathy of at least 12 months duration in the lower extremities. Recruitment for this trial is complete.

Recent Research News

Comprehensive Risk assessment for Diabetic Neuropathy, Bournemouth University UK

Nerve Regeneration

Are you Interested in the science of Neuropathy and Nerve Regeneration?

Our December speaker, Dr. Douglas Zochodne, Professor & Divisional Director of Neurology at the University of Alberta has recently published Our Wired Nerves: The Human Nerve Connectome. Dr. Zochodne is a world renowned expert in the field of peripheral neuropathy. This book is intended for patients or “non-specialists”. This book describes the make of peripheral nerves, discusses various neuropathies, the associated pain, and how nerves may be regenerated.

You can view details about the book, download the first chapter for free and purchase his insightful book on Amazon by clicking this link.

Volunteers who fundraise make big things happen

The CNA is striving towards raising funds for research, but we aren’t there yet. In fact we are a long way off.  We need help.

Want to join us in building something special that will one day perform miracles?  We believe it could happen with people like you!