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Self Advocacy

We've wanted to develop this presentation on self advocacy for what feels like ages. The spark ignited when we noticed people receiving discouraging messages from
Glenn Ribotsky talks about a number of essential neuropathy websites he has discovered in his long journey to find information about the condition.
Amy Cage is a Business Continuity and Recovery Planner at the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA), discusses Ready Calgary’s emergency preparedness strategy.

100+ Things for Neuropathy Relief is an ongoing, evolving blog series that the CNA is committed to building to help everyone with neuropathy. CNA volunteer

This video provides tips to make your home more safe and help prevent trips and falls. Medical calls make up over 50% of the calls
It can be hard for some of us to sit and really think at length about our pain, most of the time we are doing
Let's explore the biopsychosocial approach, a heuristic perspective that enhances our ability to support individuals experiencing chronic pain.
Genevieve Chartrand of CADTH provides information on Credibilithow to know the websites you are visiting are credible. She also highlights red flags to watch &
Make the most of pain scales. Even though they are not perfect, pain scales are still incredibly helpful. They provide the basic level of information
Explore the essentials of Aging in Place with Jill Chambers, CFDS, CFP, CIM, CEA, as she guides seniors through maintaining health and independence at home.

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