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The Power of Self-Advocacy

Education and Support for those affected by Neuropathy


Self-advocacy is a crucial aspect of managing peripheral neuropathy, yet it’s an area where many individuals struggle. The abundance of information available can be overwhelming, leading to uncertainty about what is accurate and trustworthy. Moreover, effectively communicating with healthcare providers and loved ones about the condition poses significant challenges. Our aim is to further develop this space to provide valuable resources and guidance for neuropathy sufferers seeking to assert control over their healthcare journey. We recognize the need for practical tools and strategies to navigate these complexities, from deciphering medical information to communicating effectively with healthcare professionals and seeking support from family and friends.

We welcome your input and suggestions on how we can enhance this resource to better meet the needs of the neuropathy community. Your contributions are invaluable in shaping a platform that empowers individuals to advocate for their health and well-being effectively. Together, we can build a supportive environment where neuropathy sufferers feel empowered and informed in managing their condition.

Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below to help us expand and improve this vital resource.

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To develop the Language of Nerve Pain, we collaborated closely with members of our CNA Connections support meeting group. They generously shared their personal experiences and insights, offering vivid descriptions of their neuropathy pain. Additionally, we collectively brainstormed alternative language options to accurately capture the diverse range of sensations associated with neuropathic pain.

Blog Posts…

Other Self-Advocacy Posts…

  1. What does the evidence say? The credibility of websites – To advocate for yourself or a loved one you first need to educate yourself so you can ask good questions. Anyone using the internet to learn about their condition should watch this video. It details how to know whether a website is providing credible information or just providing someone’s personal opinion, trying to sell you something, scam you, or something else.
  2. #47 Journaling for Pain Management – Journaling can help you identify issues you wish to speak with your healthcare professional about. Journaling also have pain reducing qualities
  3. #61 Talking About Pain – We’ve all see some version of this, but did you know it is a powerful tool you can use yourself.  This is a discussion on Pain Scales and how to use them.
  4. Language of Nerve Pain – Helps you learn to more accurately describe your pain so whom ever you are talking to can better understand.
  5. Medical Directory Resource – An Alberta based list of medical directories to help find practitioners in your area.
  6. Resources/FAQ – A collection of resources including: where to get Immediate Support, Other Support Groups, Related groups, an FAQ section and Additional Resources of interest.

Why Self Advocacy?

Self-advocacy plays a crucial role in the journey of individuals living with Peripheral Neuropathy. Firstly, it empowers patients to actively participate in their healthcare decisions, ensuring that their voices are heard and their concerns addressed. With Peripheral Neuropathy, which can manifest in various ways and have diverse underlying causes, self-advocacy enables patients to communicate their symptoms accurately to healthcare providers, leading to more precise diagnoses and tailored treatment plans. 

Additionally, advocating for oneself helps patients navigate the complexities of managing the condition, from understanding treatment options and medication side effects to accessing necessary resources and support services. Furthermore, self-advocacy fosters a sense of control and autonomy, which are essential for maintaining emotional well-being and coping with the challenges of living with a chronic condition. Overall, self-advocacy empowers patients with Peripheral Neuropathy to become active participants in their healthcare journey, leading to better outcomes and an improved quality of life.

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