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Education and Support for those affected by Neuropathy


Self-advocacy is a space we would want to develop further. Many of us have difficulty knowing what is true, who we can trust, how we can best talk to doctors & make the most of our time with them. Even talking with our family and friends is challenging for some, as ‘regular’ people don’t understand and don’t have a point of reference. Our hope is in the future this section can better help neuropathy sufferers take charge of their care.

Please provide suggestions in the comments if you have ideas on how we can expand this resource..

To develop the Language of Nerve Pain we enlisted some of our CNA Connections (support meeting) group to have them describe what best described their neuropathy pain and to brainstorm on other fitting language.

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Other Self-Advocacy Posts…

  1. What does the evidence say? The credibility of websites – To advocate for yourself or a loved one you first need to educate yourself so you can ask good questions. Anyone using the internet to learn about their condition should watch this video. It details how to know whether a website is providing credible information or just providing someone’s personal opinion, trying to sell you something, scam you, or something else.
  2. #47 Journaling for Pain Management – Journaling can help you identify issues you wish to speak with your healthcare professional about.
  3. #61 Talking About Pain – Is a discussion on Pain Scales and how to use them.
  4. Language of Nerve Pain – Helps you learn to more accurately describe your pain so whom ever you are talking to can better understand.
  5. Medical Directory Resource – An Alberta based list of medical directories to help find practitioners in your area.
  6. Resources/FAQ – A collection of resources including: where to get Immediate Support, Other Support Groups, Related groups, an FAQ section and Additional Resources of interest.

Every dollar makes a difference

The CNA exists solely because of donations and fundraising. If you are able, any support you can provide is greatly appreciated.   Please use the e-transfer option or click the button above if you can support us in our education and support efforts. All contributions go towards online and in person meeting expenses, the CNA Website, educational material development and distribution.

Support of Neuropathy Education is Appreciated

If you are able, please help our education resources and programs grow.

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