Small Nerves, Big Problems

Small Nerves, Big Problems

Small Nerves, Big Problems: A Comprehensive Patient Guide to Small Fiber Neuropathy(SFN), is an excellent guide to the current understanding of small fiber neuropathy, that acknowledges that further research is required. Each chapter provides a clear and concise overview of the specific topic, including but not limited to the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of SFN, followed by a helpful summary. This guide has been a valuable resource in understanding my condition and advocating for a diagnosis. I have referred to this guide as a reliable resource in my discussions with my doctors. One of my doctors confirmed the credibility of this guide and expressed enthusiasm to obtain a copy of the guide. I would recommend this guide to anyone who is suffering from small fiber neuropathy or who has a family member who has this condition.

View samples pages of this book: Small Nerves, Big Problems SAMPLE PAGES

For more information on SFN here is an external review of the book, Small Fiber Neuropathy: A burning problem:

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