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Pain Management
#50 Mirror Box Therapy-Retrain the Brain

Mirror Box Therapy (also known as Mirror Therapy) was created by Villayanur S. Ramachandran initially to assist in the alleviation of phantom limb pain.  The principle of mirror box therapy is the

graphic of a brain
Maintaining Function
#27 The Exciting Field of Functional Neurology

Just like specialists in the medical field, there are also specialists in the chiropractic profession known as functional neurologists. This designation is only held by a limited number of chiropractors

graphic of connected nerve cells lit up with messages
Maintaining Function
New Frontiers in Treating Neuropathy

Dr. James Haxton talks to our members in December 2016, in Calgary, about new findings in functional neurology, and how they can help neuropathy sufferers. Watch the lecture below, or

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