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Guest Speaker Videos

Guest Speakers from Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine discuss the importance of functional nervous system analysis to create individualized approaches, as each person with peripheral neuropathy has
Dr. Geoff Frost, MD, Alberta Neurologic Centre, discusses Electromyography (EMG). A critical tool in the modern physician's tool belt, EMG tests/studies are used to diagnose
This discussion has a collection of topics contained within. From How to develop a relationship with your neurologist to Thoughts on weight lifting. Dr. Kentris,
Catharine Eckersley, Occupational therapist, touches on topics ranging from mobility aids, falls, energy/pain management, aging-in-place/home accessibility, to sensory re-education and neuroplasticity, driving vehicles, and ergonomics.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has some neuropathy Kung Fu moves Spice up your neural networks with Dr. Heather Fulker and Dr. Jenn Nelson, Traditional Chinese Medicine

We've wanted to develop this presentation on self advocacy for what feels like ages. The spark ignited when we noticed people receiving discouraging messages from
Glenn Ribotsky talks about a number of essential neuropathy websites he has discovered in his long journey to find information about the condition.
Amy Cage is a Business Continuity and Recovery Planner at the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA), discusses Ready Calgary’s emergency preparedness strategy.
We could all use better conversations. Let's explore how Sylvia Donley discusses Journaling for Health and Conversation.
Dr. Victoria McArthur (Dr. Vic) has a passion for exercise. Dr. Vic works with many seniors with the GLA:D program for knee and hip arthritis

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