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Pain Management
#49 Herbal Healing: Careful With Comfrey

Not just pretty Comfrey isn’t just a pretty plant. Growing approximately three feet tall and producing stalks covered with pointed leaves and white, pink, or purple flowers, herbal medicine traditions

Neuropathy & Diet
#43 Herbal Healing: Butcher’s Broom for Poor Circulation

Neuropathy in Autonomic Nerves Neuropathy comes in many forms, with peripheral neuropathy being the most noticeable, due to detectable experiences like pain and numbness. Meanwhile, autonomic neuropathy and its symptoms

Mental Health
#42 St. John’s Wort (Hypericum)

Herbal Healing: Exploration of Hypericum for Mental Health Growing one to three feet tall, hypericum reaches out with leafy branches and bright yellow flowers (Spira, 2011). Commonly known as St.

Pain Management
#39 Visualization and Pain Management

Chronic pain is challenging to cope with. Its distracting and often gets in the way of everyday activities. Chronic pain negatively impacts your ability to work, have relationships, or simply

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