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info graphic describing the harvest medical journey: 1. Consider if medical cannabis is right for you 2. Book appointment 3. Meet with a healthcare professional 4. Meet Patient educator and select producer 5. Register with and order medical cannabis from producer
Medical Cannabis
Medical Cannabis with Harvest Medicine

Watch Dr. Olga DeSanctis, MD and Faraz Sachedina in exploring the fundamentals of medical cannabis such as plant types, cannabinoids, products, and intake methods. Learn more about how and why

Medical Cannabis
More on Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis: an effective treatment for neuropathic pain Image Source: Pickpic.com Limited evidence suggests that medical cannabis (a plant that contains biologically active substances in its leaves, flowers, and buds and

Camnabis leaves close up
Medical Cannabis
#36 Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is the up-and-comer as far a pain management goes. It is being heralded as especially effective for neuropathic pain.  Medical cannabis is showing promise as an analgesic, antiemetic,

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