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Mental Health

Brain fog in peripheral neuropathy patients is often due to a combination of chronic pain, sleep disturbances, medication side effects, nutritional deficiencies, stress, and underlying

100+ Things for Neuropathy Relief is an ongoing, evolving blog series that the CNA is committed to building to help everyone with neuropathy. CNA volunteer

Claudine Adlington provides ideas and options around how to balance the reality of pain and what can be possible. Claudine will discuss what has been
Network Chiropractic is a gentle force technique where chiropractors help unwind tension in your spinal cord without cracking your bones. Also known as Network Spinal
Let's explore the biopsychosocial approach, a heuristic perspective that enhances our ability to support individuals experiencing chronic pain.

Massage Therapy & Neuropathy Massage therapy offers a multifaceted approach to alleviating nerve pain by addressing both physical and psychological aspects of discomfort. Through targeted

Jessica Villeneuve, RMT, CPMT discusses how massage therapy can benefits our mental health.
Gillian Bagg BHSCOT, HBPE owner & operator of Gillian Bagg Occupational Therapy Services explores self care in our daily lives
Tracy Rand Fitness instructor for seniors and those with disability.
Recent scientific evidence suggests that meditation may help with symptoms of neuropathy. Studies show that mindfulness practices can improve pain-related outcomes and quality of life

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