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Help with Sleep
#20 Managing Fatigue Caused By Neuropathy

Dealing with neuropathy can be exhausting. As if there wasn’t enough to deal with in one day already between work, school, family or household obligations, neuropathy adds a complicating layer

Physio therapist stretching a man's arm in a clinic.
Pain Management
#17 Physiotherapy For Combating Pain

What is physiotherapy? Physiotherapy is designed to be practiced by licensed physiotherapists whom help restore movement and function to individuals who are affected by injury, illness or disability.  Physiotherapists teach

Manicurist paints nails with red gel polish. Nail polish application. Manicured red nails.
Self Advocacy
#8 Use Non-Toxic Nail Polish

If you’ve ever done your nails, you know the cool feeling in your finger and toe tips you have after you’ve just applied it.  It is possible that is from

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