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pain management

Make the most of pain scales. Even though they are not perfect, pain scales are still incredibly helpful. They provide the basic level of information
Benefits of yoga, Information provided by Margau Perko, CNA guest speaker in February 2019
Erik Colaiezzi, certified acupuncturist, discusses Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM. In part 3 of 5 we will explore Herbology and Dietary Therapy
Learn more about Mirror Box Therapy, a therapy created to assist in the alleviation of phantom limb pain.
Donna Piercy and her belief in the importance of the mind/body connection is central to her practice. Donna is a Registered Psychologist in Calgary.
Donna Piercy is a Registered Psychologist who provides her services in Calgary and also provides counselling through the Airdrie Counselling Centre. Her belief in the
As a chronic pain sufferer herself, Donna Piercy spoke at the CNA September 2017 meeting about the importance of self-management.
Discover how visualization impacts pain management. Guided imagery reduces stress hormones, muscle tension, and shifts attention away from pain. Learn more about this powerful technique
Learn Techniques to calm your nervous system, improve sleep, & help manage your Neurological conditions with Dawn Ross, therapist at Bit by Bit.
Medical cannabis is the up-and-comer as far a pain management goes. It is being heralded as especially effective for neuropathic pain.

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