#61 Talking About Pain

#61 Talking About Pain

Make the most of pain scales. Even though they are not perfect, pain scales are still incredibly helpful. They provide the basic level of information that gets the point across and they can be tracked and analyzed to help find common patterns or trends. There is a lot of potential to using the scale when using it well.

#54 Lidocaine – Numbing the Pain

Image of A man holding his lower back with both hands. His lower back appears red indicating inflammation or pain.

What is Lidocaine? Lidocaine is a type of anesthetic, a substance which numbs tissues to block pain perception. Lidocaine is often used as a topical anesthetic in forms such as gels, liquids, or creams, but is also available via injections.…

7 Self-Care Methods to Manage Chronic Pain

7 Self Care Methods for Pain

7 Self-Care Methods to Manage Chronic Pain By guest blogger: Brad Krause of selfcaring.info Research continues to illuminate how the immune system changes in response to chronic pain. Hopefully, this will provide effective treatment options in the future, but until…