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TCM-Part 2: Acupuncture

In Part 2 of this 5 video set Erik Colaiezzi, certified acupuncturist, discusses the the specifics of acupuncture.

Find Erik Colaiezzi at: www.erikacupuncture.com

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About Erik Colaiezzi

Erik’s passion lies in helping patients develop a better awareness and understanding of their pathology, always aiming to increase their quality of life.

Erik has always maintained a keen interest in the connection between good health, personal habits and our natural environment. It was through my own health challenges with asthma, fatigue, and many physical injuries that I was eventually led to acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine. The success I have experienced through Traditional Chinese Medicine has helped me reconnect to my roots and health.

He has merged his experiences and skills from aviation and applied them to Traditional Chinese Medicine. He aims to share his success, knowledge and skills, so that you may find your way back to health.

Erik Colaiezzi is a registered acupuncturist (Dr. Ac.) and an associate with the Centre for Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation in Calgary Alberta.

Erik was previously licensed for 13 years as an aircraft maintenance engineer. In aviation Erik cultivated a broad range of skills, knowledge, communication, problem-solving, strategies, and meticulous attention to detail.  Erik combines these skills to human biology, giving him a unique perspective of natural world.

Multiple personal injuries and health challenges lead Erik to change careers in 2013. Erik is passionate about all things Traditional Chinese Medicine, he is equally committed in helping you back to health.

A person laying down and another putting acupuncture needles in the back.
Research has shown acupuncture’s effect on the peripheral nervous system. Image Source: CNA

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