Ron Wilson – Traveling with Mobility Issues

Traveling with Mobility Issues

Ron Wilson from the AMA shares information on traveling when you have mobility issues.

About Ron Wilson

Ron Wilson is the Manager of Fleet Safety Services  for the Alberta Motor Association. The AMA has worked with over 1,400 companies in Alberta, providing professional assessments and training for close to 10,000 fleet drivers each year.

Ron has over 30 years of Driver Education experience. His expertise in fleet training specifically has been sought after, not only across Canada, but also in other countries around the world, including Bolivia and Venezuela. He is a licensed driving instructor through the Government of Alberta.

Mr. Wilson has written curricula and designed copy written material for many of the classroom, track and online programs AMA offers. He has developed Light Vehicle Professional Driver Improvement programs and has helped draft and implement policies for a number of companies. Ron is in constant demand by TV, radio and news outlets for professional opinions or viewpoints on many of the issues and situations that surround driving today.

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Ron Wilson – Driving with mobility issues

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